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About us

Welcome to Indian Vastu Experts, where tradition and expertise converge under Saanvi Gupta and Nitin Gupta's visionary leadership. With 19 years of collective experience, our dynamic duo fuses Vastu Shastra and contemporary design, transforming spaces into harmonious sanctuaries transforming spaces into harmonious sanctuaries.

Dedicated to creating bespoke solutions, our passionate team ensures each space exudes a timeless aesthetic and promotes well-being. At the core of our mission is redefining spaces to craft environments reflecting individual aspirations, fostering positive vibrations. Saanvi and Nitin Gupta's dedication to infusing ancient wisdom into modern design makes us the trusted partner for creating inspiring and uplifting spaces.

Saanvi Gupta

Nitin Gupta


Awarded by green avenue residents welfare association

Awarded by Shri GD Vashist and Shri HS Rawat

Awarded by Shri GD Vashist and Shri HS Rawat

Awarded as Aacharay at Mahagurukul

Awarded by Professor BB PURI for "Excellence in Vastu"

Frequently Asked Question

Our unique fusion of ancient Indian science, Vastu Shastra, and modern design principles distinguishes us. We are committed to creating spaces that harmonize tradition and innovation seamlessly.

Absolutely! While rooted in Indian design principles, our expertise extends globally. We are equipped to work on projects worldwide, ensuring a seamless integration of Vastu wisdom into diverse cultural contexts.

We specialize in designing many spaces, including residences, commercial properties, and institutional buildings. Our team's versatility allows us to adapt our expertise to various project requirements.

The duration of a Vastu consultation depends on the scope of the project. It typically involves an initial assessment, discussion of client preferences, and the development of a customized Vastu plan. The process ensures a comprehensive understanding of the space and its energy dynamics.
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